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Wet Basements Need Immediate Attention

Families that have damp or downright wet basements need to get basement waterproofing and basement mold remediation as soon as possible. There is more at stake than damp belongings and weird smells. Avoiding the area is not a good solution. Dampness and water leakage can undermine the building foundation and present serious health risks for the family. The dampness or standing water can come from many sources and will not go away until the underlying problems are fixed. Yes, a damp basement can be caused by a leaky roof. Trained experts are required for this kind of job.

At the first sign of water or dampness, the building owner should be seeking professional help, but anytime dampness and water problems are noticed, or the people living with them get tired of the risks, seeking help is important. A monthly check for moisture, standing water, or mold is a good practice. Living with a wet or damp basement should not be an option. If mold, especially black mold, is spotted the residents should call for help immediately and avoid the area. Mold can cause serious health problems. Touching or trying to clean up this type of mold can spread mold spores throughout the house increasing the severity of the problem.

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Professional such as Servpro franchises have all the training and equipment to safely treat dampness and mold problems in residential and commercial buildings. A company representative will come to the building to do a thorough examination of the problem and its probable causes. The building owner will then get the results and a proposal for eliminating the cause and the condition. These professional services also do fire and water cleanup and restoration after a building fire, flooding, or other severe weather incidents. They will remediate the damage caused by burst pipes or sewer back-ups and more.

Some of the most common causes for dampness are roof leaks, plumbing leaks, and cracks or other foundation problems. Once there is dampness in an area, mold can get a foothold and rapidly spread throughout a building. The mold releases spores that can travel through the air causing allergies, irritation, and even respiratory problems for building inhabitants. Any property left in a damp or wet area can be quickly destroyed. Getting help quickly can protect residents health and limit the damage to the building. For more information, browse the website.

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